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Dr. Nadja Colon and the first-rate team of cosmetic experts at Skinsation Medical Spa in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, believe that beauty is all about being comfortable in your own skin. That’s why, in addition to providing the best possible in-office skin care treatments, they also proudly offer a complete selection of ZO® Skin Health products — medical-grade therapeutic skin care solutions you can use at home. If you’re in the greater Nashville metropolitan and you’d like to learn more about the benefits of using top-shelf skin care products, call Skinsation Medical Spa today.

ZO Skin Health Q & A

What is ZO Skin Health?

ZO Skin Health, Inc. is an innovative skin care company that’s been at the forefront of skin health and cosmetic dermatology for more than three decades.

Developed by board-certified and practicing dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi, ZO Skin Health products are designed to optimize skin health based on the latest advances in skin therapy technologies, bioengineered complexes, and exclusive formulas.

Using cutting-edge science and Dr. Obagi’s own extensive clinical experience creating treatments and regimens for healthy skin, the company is dedicated to bridging the gap between therapeutic treatments and daily care.

Their comprehensive line of products can help you experience continuously healthy skin regardless of your age, ethnicity, or unique skin condition.

What types of ZO products are available?

The ZO line of skin care products ranges from gentle hydrating cleansers to exfoliants, toners, moisturizers, peels, sunscreen, and everything in between.

Whether you’ve been blessed with balanced, problem-free skin or you’re affected by a persistent skin condition such as melasma or chronically dry skin, ZO makes a product that will help you achieve and maintain optimal skin health. Products include:


ZO cleansers gently remove irritants and surface debris for a clear complexion. Normacleanse™, a rich and creamy cleanser nourishes, moisturizes, and calms normal to dry skin while removing oils and impurities.


ZO’s complete line of toners includes Calming Toner, a wonderful product that helps soothe dry, sensitive, or irritated skin while creating the right pH balance to allow other skin care treatments to easily penetrate your skin.


This line of products assists in the removal of dead cells for ultimate skin surface renewal. Glycogent™ Exfoliation Accelerator, an exfoliant that combines the power of glycolic and lactic acid, helps accelerate cellular turnover at the surface level while reducing skin discoloration.


ZO skin care treatment products are made to maximize skin barrier functionality with dramatic results. Products include a daily lotion that protects and repairs all skin types, as well as a lightweight gel that strengthens skin, supports skin repair, and protects against future signs of aging.

How do I know which products are right for me?

The skin care experts at Skinsation Medical Spa know that it can be daunting to choose the right products to support your personal skin care regimen, especially when there’s such a wide range of products available.

After assessing your skin and discussing any ongoing problems that may affect its health, they can help you build a daily routine that meets your unique needs. This includes helping you select the products that help you achieve optimal skin health and beauty.

Because many of the clinical skin care treatments at Skinsation Medical Spa are performed with ZO products, you also have the opportunity to try them out before you make them part of your daily regimen.